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We are re-inventing the way electronic systems are covered.

Techsafe offers complete electronic system protection for residential, commercial and educational environments. Techsafe protection plans are designed to provide reliable service with no unexpected expenses, while providing a custom built protection system to safeguard the valuable electronics that comprise your audio/video, security and automation systems.

Built to be a supplemental level of repair and replacement coverage on top of the service plans offered by your local A/V Dealer. Techsafe picks up where others drop off. 

Better than a traditional warranty and easier than other types of coverage, Techsafe offers clients added security and peace of mind for a low monthly fee.

Techsafe is the only company that gives you top notch protection PLUS:

  • Requires no long-term contracts, pay as you go
  • Allows you to bundle multiple items in one protection plan
  • No serial number tracking required
  • Techsafe allows your local electronics dealer to stay involved throughout the process, bundling their service with Techsafe coverage, assuring you phenomenal service with professionals you trust.
  • Offers coverage in Residential, Commercial and Educational environments.


Become a Dealer!



Are you a professional A/V Integrator? IT Company? Security systems provider? If you offer, or want to offer, expanded service and support to your customers, you've found the right place. Techsafe acts as supplemental repair and replacement coverage that you can bundle with your existing in-house service plan. Products fail. And when they do, we fix them. You handle the legwork like troubleshooting and service, we handle the expensive messy part when things need repaired or replaced. 

Stay connected to your customers and provide greater satisfaction. By partnering with Techsafe, you will  enjoy coverage not provided by any other company in the industry. Our network of service providers is over 10,000 strong giving us the ability to promptly troubleshoot and address any concerns.

Techsafe is insured and backed by Wesco Insurance Company, an AmTrust Financial Company rated A+ by A.M Best. With a professional in your corner, service and support is better, faster and done right.

Oh, and we have a great commission plan with residual payout!