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  • Why should I purchase a Techsafe plan over traditional extended coverage?

    Not only is Techsafe way easier than traditional extended coverage plans, with Techsafe you can bundle multiple items in a single plan for one low monthly price. Pay month to month, with no contracts required (discounts available for 3 year purchases). Techsafe also allows your local professional A/V Integrator to stay involved with supporting you for things like troubleshooting, service and installation. And finally, Techsafe pays for repair or replacement of any covered item. You won't be out of pocket any cash to fix or replace the items you have covered. No hidden expenses or exclusions.        

  • Is Techsafe a Warranty?

    Nope! Warranties by definition only cover manufacturing defects. Techsafe protection plans utilize our own umbrella of coverage to cover the troubleshooting, shipping, parts and labor for entire system, not just one item.

    And on top of that, Techsafe is the only program in the industry that allows your local electronics dealer to stay involved with your support plan. Techsafe utililizes a network of over 10,000 servicers to make sure your problems are fixed quick and easy. 

  • Why isn't Techsafe sold online?

    We think that in order to get the best technical service and support, not only do we need to provide you with our amazing service network over over 10,000 service centers, but we also need to make sure you are connected to a local electronics professional. So we've been teaming up with local Audio/Video Installers, Networking companies, Security systems integrators, and other electronics professionals to provide Techsafe to their customers. With a pro in your corner, service and support is better, faster and done right!

  • What is the advantage of keeping local dealers in the loop?

    We want you to have fast, local service from a person in your corner! When Techsafe chooses to partner with an electronics professional, we do our research to make sure the company is worth their salt. We check reviews, ratings, and references. We talk with the company, and make sure we know who they are and that they understand how we expect them to take care of you and your system. This relationship between you and the dealer will prove very useful in gaining you a pro on your team to understand your needs and give you the timely support you expect.

  • How soon can I use my Techsafe plan?

    Right away! Once your Techsafe Protection Plan is live, you are covered. 

  • How are Techsafe protection plans administered and covered?

    Techsafe plans are administered by Westco Insurance Company, an AmTrust Financial Company rated "A" (Excellend) by A.M Best. The Techsafe network of service providers is over 10,000 strong!

  • Techsafe seems more expensive than some big-box warranties. Why?

    Because Techsafe offers more! Techsafe is the only provider of extended coverage that:

    1.) Keeps your local electronics Dealer in the loop, and rewards them for great service 

    2.) Allows you to pay monthly with no contract

    3.) Allows you to bundle multiple items within one Protection Plan

    4.) Offers Protection Plans for Residential, Commercial and Education environments

    5. ) Provides full-service troubleshooting, repair or replacement, and system testing all for no charge on covered items. 

    If you've found better coverage for less money, let us know!