How it Works

Techsafe protection plans cover all types of audio/video, security, automation and other electronic systems that are installed in your home, business or school. We cover the system as a whole and through our network of professional dealers and guarantee to keep you in perfect working order. To see a list of what we cover, scroll down.

A few easy steps will get you covered with a Techsafe protection plan: 

1. Get with your local A/V dealer (or find one here) and they will verify that your existing system is in 100% working order. 

2. The Dealer gives you a quote for a Techsafe Protection Plan. Our Techsafe plans are calculated based on the total value of equipment to be covered, and can be purchased for equipment that is less than one year old. 

3. Decide on White Glove Service- this is the service that your dealer provides in conjunction with Techsafe for things like recurring service, troubleshooting, and labor. Each dealer may mave their own type of service and support plan that they can include and bundle the price along with Techsafe. 

4. Once the dealer has quoted your new protection plan, they enter your payment information and will start your account on the Techsafe website. 

5. Each month that your account is billed, you get another 30 days of protection. There is no minimum term, and no max term. No contracts to sign and no deductible or copay. As long as you keep your account in good standing, you have complete system coverage and will never again pay for repairs to keep your system in good working order. Talk to your dealer and see our terms and conditions for more information. 

6. Sit back and relax- you're covered! It's really that easy! Get Techsafe now!