We are different

Ever heard of an extended warranty that can cover multiple items all at once? How about one that can be purchased and paid for monthly, with no contract? How about one that includes your local A/V Dealer into the mix and rewards them for taking good care of you? You probably haven't heard of of that type of warranty,,, because it technically isn't a warranty and hasn't existed until now.

We call it a "Protection Plan" because it does so much more than a warranty.  

We had never heard of such a thing either. And we couldn't find anything like it. But we knew it needed to exist, and that people would use it. So we created it. Customers like Techsafe because it's simple and it works. Dealers like Techsafe because now they can assist their clients completely;  from service and support all the way to repair and replacement of defective products. 

Techsafe is the only product on the market that provides coverage for multiple items on a single plan PLUS monthly billing options PLUS no contracts PLUS no serial number tracking PLUS integrated support from your local A/V Dealer. 

Give it a shot today. 

More questions? Shoot us a message or find your local Techsafe Dealer.